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Bad medicine or cultural difference?

According to an article in The Guardian, an Indian couple permitted their 15-year-old son to perform a Cesarean section in order to get in the Guinness Book of Records. I don’t have a lot to say about this, but I … Continue reading

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How to have a lawn that won’t kill us all.

I’ve had several things to say about lawns. In the spirit of trying to offer alternatives, I will simply point you to an article from the UK both about the problems of lawns and the possible ways to deal with … Continue reading

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More problems with lawns

Lawns continue to cause problems for the survival of animals such as humans. A New York Times article today reports on the problem of water conservation in Florida. In the article, Abby Goodnough notes that Florida residents use up to … Continue reading

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Is health care better when you pay more?

In a New York Times article today, Reed Abelson makes the bold statement that a new hospital study provides “stark evidence” that higher payments do not translate to better medical care. He is citing a Pennsylvania government study of the … Continue reading

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The Personal is Political

For decades now, feminists have been telling us that what goes on in the private sphere affects the public sphere. The rallying cry of “The personal is political!” was heard by many. Some, such as Susan Okin, even predicted the … Continue reading

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How free can we be?

I’m a little behind the curve on this, but a Jan. 2 article by Dennis Overbye in The New York Times deals with free will and the latest developments in cognitive science regarding free will. Overbye cites the work of … Continue reading

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Is your lawn actually yours?

Linda Ballew went to court rather than mow her back lawn, but now she is reconsidering. Most people, including the judge, seem to think she is unable or too poor to mow her grass. This seems unlikely. She agreed to … Continue reading

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