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Why men don’t speak out against sexism and misogyny

When we feel ashamed or judged, we have several possible ways of responding. One method of dealing with shame is to defend yourself vigorously, to deny anything is wrong, and to attack those who might think differently. We can imagine … Continue reading

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If correlation isn’t causation, what is?

If you get into any kind of discussion of a controversial topic these days, someone is likely to try to shut you down with a simple “correlation does not prove causation, stupid” kind of refrain. And they are correct that … Continue reading

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Performing masculinity and grief: A death of my own

When I was fifteen years old, my 25-year-old uncle died in a fire While some older adults had feared for his well being for some time, his death was sudden, unexpected, and extremely traumatic for me. In times of grief, … Continue reading

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Horton’s Taxonomy of Racial Prejudice

It seems we keep having people make racist remarks and then proclaim, defensively, that they are not racists. Some people are so hostile that their claims of innocence are both laughable and infuriating, but others seem genuinely bemused by the … Continue reading

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