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Stop infantilizing old people, please

As I write this, I am 55 years old. Like most people my age, I like to think I am a “young 55” or that I look good “for my age.” As I get older, I think I have become … Continue reading

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The Mirror: Reflecting on Reflection

—Whatever happened to that thing you wrote? —Thing I wrote? —You wrote something many years ago. —I wrote many things many years ago. —But this was a thing. Someone asked for it. —Oh. —A thing. For a movie? —A movie? … Continue reading

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Sparkle, Autonomy, and the Right to Die

Recently a woman in the UK known only as C won the right to effectively end her life by refusing dialysis treatment. Owen Bowcott, writing for The Guardian described it as a “highly unusual judgment,” but, in making the decision, … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Experiment Must Continue by Melissa Graboyes

We all have a complicated relationship with medical research. We know that every effective treatment or therapy that exists was once an experimental treatment or therapy. We know that some drugs have been so effective that they eradicated various diseases … Continue reading

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