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Twenty Ways to Ruin a #Poem

It’s best to sneak up on the reader. Change the meter, Change the rhyme, Change the tone, Or change the subject. Try to do something unexpected, Like confessing a crime Or secret perversion, Even in a Short poem.

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To Define a Thing (#poem)

He broke her spirit when he declared He didn’t even know what love is. She had only asked a simple question As she planned her own future. Whilst he resisted closing his options, He never noticed how open hers were. … Continue reading

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Confessions (#poem)

At the interview, she said, “These are some designs I’ve been Working on since I got out of jail.”   On his dating profile, he said, “I’ve finished the last course of antibiotics And feel I’m ready to date again.” … Continue reading

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Support the Troops (Remembrance Day Poem)

A farmer working in a field with his children formed A bucolic scene in the countryside, maybe. An older man crashed his bicycle and Injured his leg, or so it would seem.   On the first tour, these scenes did … Continue reading

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Uses and Abuses of Autonomy

If you’ve studied bioethics, you know that the principles of bioethics are autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice. You also know that autonomy, especially in the early days, got most of the press. I was one of the people who saw … Continue reading

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