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Gazing Down With Apprehension (#poem)

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On the Sixth Meditation and Montaigne (#poem)

The most wretched and frail of all creatures is man, and withal the proudest.” ~Michel de Montaigne Budding literary critics are advised that If they do not see sex in the text, They should look for death As these are … Continue reading

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On the Protective Qualities of Poetic Devices (#poem)

“We here must listen to the language for the discoveries we hope to make.” ~William Carlos Williams It’s worth asking the question of Whether this particular collection Of words can even be considered A poem. It has no discernable rhyme … Continue reading

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Sonnet 35: You’re My All, You Bastard (#poem)

You don’t have to feel so special. We’ve all done some stuff. Lord, If you knew half the things I did, You’d wonder why I’m not in jail. You can just forget about what You done, ’cause God knows I’d … Continue reading

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Democracy Died (#poem)

Democracy died in the Senate chamber When Supreme Court justice was never heard Through a guileless force of legal obstruction. Respect for law fell like old holiday garland. A complacent nation did not demur, Thinking true fascism could not recur, … Continue reading

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It’s Not The Heat; It’s The Misery (#poem)

On the Texas Gulf Coast You do a lot of laundry In the Summer. Humidity stays at or near One-hundred percent, And temperatures hover Around where skin melts. Step outside your office, And you’ll be drenched Before you reach your … Continue reading

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On Perusing a Dictionary of Modern English Usage as It Pertains to Suffering

Deferring to the OED, Fowler’s* tells us not To spell “inure” as “enure” for variant Spellings are not needed; even if “inure” Has two meanings, it is still only one word. But who ever heard of “inure” relating to Anything … Continue reading

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Learn to Take a Joke, Young Man

Lately I’ve been hearing people talking about how the young people need to learn to take a joke, because, one supposes, people back in the day were never offended by anything. Of course, people back in the day were offended … Continue reading

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The Armadillo Grants Spiritual Preservation (#poem)

As I messed around with a compound bow and arrow, Getting the hang of aiming the dang thing, An armadillo walked into the path. Releasing The bow, I flushed with regret, shame, and panic. Armadillos don’t hurt anyone. They shuffle … Continue reading

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Poetry and the Cross-Pollination of Artistic Platforms (#poem #NaPoWriMo)

When people see a spectacular dancer, They say, “Oh, that’s poetry in motion!” And then they might see a moving painting, And say, “That painting says it all—It’s like a poem!” And good musicians are just considered poets. I mean, … Continue reading

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