6 November 2019

Consolations of Poetry Workshop
New Mills Library Lecture Room
Hall St, New Mills, High Peak SK22 4AR


In the workshop, we will read and discuss both historical and contemporary examples of writing for consolation, including narratives of illness, grief, depression, or other forms of desolation. We will examine themes that may appear to be universal and also discuss whether themes emerge that are cultural, gendered, or otherwise specific to certain types of authors.

We will follow with a discussion of how writing may or may not be useful in our own lives to manage grief, trauma, anxiety, or hopelessness. 

We will then take a few moments for a free-writing exercise followed by discussion of how we feel about the process of writing. 

Finally, we will give an opportunity for authors to share the work they have written, but no one will be required to share anything, of course.

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