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On an Emergent Awareness of Impending Death (#fiction #prose #essay)

V Sometimes life just smacks you in the face. You’re just minding your own business and out of nowhere comes a big punch to the gut, or, yeah, a slap to the face or whatever. This mostly happens when you’re … Continue reading

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Climate Catastrophe: The Reckoning (#poem)

Before the reckoning, The water was like glass. We would glide Across the surface, Staring into the deep As naïve as a recently Birthed Godzilla, Never knowing what Destruction our Mutation might bring

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Quaker Eugenics: Antinomies and Paradoxes

Some of history’s most famous and infamous hereditarians were Quakers: Samuel Morton, Francis Galton, Karl Pearson, Daniel Garrison Brinton, and Henry Herbert Goddard. In varying degrees, they exhibited a passion for knowledge and scientific research, concern for the improvement of … Continue reading

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When the hospital refuses to provide treatment

Few things are as horrifying as the idea that a hospital might refuse to treat you or a loved one at a time of crisis. This is so frightening, that many used the specter of “death panels” to terrify Americans … Continue reading

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The Proper Way to Grieve for a Child: Cicero’s Example

In advising us on how to respond when we encounter someone who has lost a child or suffered an equally calamitous loss, the stoic philosopher, Epictetus said, “Don’t reduce yourself to his level, and certainly do not moan with him. … Continue reading

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The proper way to grieve for a child

I hate Galveston. When I look out over the seawall, I find no peace in the sounds of wind and wave or comfort in the roiling swirls of water gently crashing into the jetties. I see only the bodies of … Continue reading

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