EBC Submissions

I would like for Ethics Beyond Compliance to be a place where patients and their loved ones can share their stories of illness. In the United States, unfortunately, stories of illness are almost always stories of insurance woes. That being the case, I would like to share your experiences of both illness and health insurance. If you live outside the US, I would like to share your stories of illness and medicine as well for a point of comparison and to heighten understanding of what it means to be ill in the 21st century.

I do not want EBC to become an attack site, however, so I will not publish stories that name specific individuals or companies unless there is a good reason to do so and the accusations can be verified beyond doubt. You are free to publish your story under your own name or anonymously. I reserve the right to edit content, but I will only publish with your approval.

Given all that I’ve stated above, feel free to send submissions to randall@ethicsbeyondcompliance.com.

Thanks, everyone.

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