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I Wish I Could Believe (#poem #NaPoWriMo)

The prompt for day 15 is to write a dramatic dialogue. I think I failed, but here it is, anyway. I wish I could believe in God. It’s a free country. Believe what you want. I can’t believe something just … Continue reading

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Other Kinds of Hicks, Bill

I saw a documentary where comedian Bill Hicks described how a heckler once complained to him that he didn’t go to comedy clubs to think. Bill said, “Well, where do you go to think? I’ll meet you there.” Bill was … Continue reading

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Perception (#poem)

What if the hyperreal really isn’t real, And the news never happened? Our perceptions are just pixels, photons, Bits and bytes scattered on a screen. Gods and monsters both just Misapprehensions of a troubled mind. But whose mind is responsible … Continue reading

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