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Don’t Advertise Your Man (#fiction)

Be careful what you say about your husband. Someone might take the wrong kind of interest. Continue reading

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Awkward Beginnings and Assorted Insecurities (#fiction)

II He wasn’t a virgin. He had definitely had sex more than once before and with more than one person, which was just another way of saying she was the third person on his sexual resume. He had enough experience … Continue reading

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In the Wardrobe (#poem)

Before relatives came, They set to “Straightening” up the house. All the toys, pulleys, harnesses, Leather and latex launched Hastily into the wardrobe. The professor and the lawyer, Do a dance of femininity, And lady-up for the family. The one … Continue reading

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Girls are raped; boys “lose their virginity” (unless it is to a man)

When women reveal that they first “had sex” at the age of 11, we call it rape, even if it was consensual, and rightly so. Often, these same women will go on to detail a life plagued by self-loathing, substance … Continue reading

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