A Realist’s Guide to Relieving Stress – Seven Tips for Reducing Tension

  1. Know your limits. If school is too demanding or overwhelming, set aside two hours each day for meditation and exercise.
  2. Learn to say no. If your job is draining too much energy, take an extended vacation or, if that is not possible, start leaving work in the early afternoon to have a walk in a park.
  3. Reduce your to-do list. If unemployment and search for work is stressful, set aside a couple of hours each day for watching a movie and eating snacks.
  4. Stay connected. If you are feeling lonely and unlovable, remember to discuss it with a friend or trusted family member.
  5. Avoid the people who stress you out. If your marriage is creating too much anxiety and uncertainty, abandon your spouse, children, pets, home, and reputation in order to gain some “me time.”
  6. Remember the silver lining. If being ill is stressful, remember to focus on the positive things in your life such as pain reliever and warm blankets.
  7. Focus on the big picture. If a diagnosis of a terminal illness is causing stress, remember it won’t last forever.

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