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On The Curious Lack of Hyphenation for English Americans (#poem)

America is a land of hyphenated identity— A melting pot, as it were, of cultural identity. African-Americans and Asian-Americans, of course, And gay-, Muslim- and Native-Americans are a force. But Americans are also Irish, Welsh, and Scottish. We have Germans … Continue reading

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I Don’t Like Beer (#poem)

They call me a misanthrope and mock my isolation I like solitude, but I don’t hate human interaction I want to hear your stories, dreams, and travails I want to share your secrets but not your pale ales I think … Continue reading

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Rest Rooms in the UK

Last night, I was attending a gig at one of my favourite Manchester venues. One of the people from the venue was standing near the stage, which put him right in front of the passage to the venue’s comfort facilities. … Continue reading

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