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A Bifurcated Analysis of Overly Indulgent Self-Reference and Metacriticism (#poem)

I don’t like all your self-referential poems and Confessional narratives where you just go on and On and on with your boring anxieties and Insights into a meaningless existence. I mean, just like the time you said She floated on … Continue reading

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Learn to Take a Joke, Young Man

Lately I’ve been hearing people talking about how the young people need to learn to take a joke, because, one supposes, people back in the day were never offended by anything. Of course, people back in the day were offended … Continue reading

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To Define a Thing (#poem)

He broke her spirit when he declared He didn’t even know what love is. She had only asked a simple question As she planned her own future. Whilst he resisted closing his options, He never noticed how open hers were. … Continue reading

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Judging the Judge

Mark Judge knows the judge, Maybe a bit too well, The judge wants Judge to fudge, But in time truth will tell.

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Book Review: A cross-dresser explains The Descent of Man

In a world where a man who talks openly about kissing and grabbing women without consent can be taken seriously as a candidate for leader of the “free” world, you may wonder how toxic masculinity has spun out of control. … Continue reading

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Tom Digby on Militarism, Sexuality, and Romance

In a post on how men can be better feminist allies, Emma Cueto advises men to avoid the temptation to put men’s issues first. She sums up the problem of “toxic masculinity” by noting, “is not fun for anyone and … Continue reading

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Suffragette, Slavery, and the Appropriation of Suffering

Controversy erupted recently over a photo shoot in which the stars of the movie, Suffragette, wore t-shirts that said, “I’d rather be a rebel than a slave.” A group of white women wearing a shirt with a message comparing themselves … Continue reading

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The Problem with Telling Boys to Never Hit Girls

First, I should clarify that I do not think it is acceptable for boys to hit girls, but the admonishment to “never hit a girl” has two problems. 1. It gives tacit permission to hit other boys. 2. It tells … Continue reading

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At-Home Dads Then and Now: Still Not a Babysitter When my first son was born, his mother and I were lucky enough that we could juggle our schedules and avoid putting him in daycare. I hadn’t thought much about the … Continue reading

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Why men don’t speak out against sexism and misogyny

When we feel ashamed or judged, we have several possible ways of responding. One method of dealing with shame is to defend yourself vigorously, to deny anything is wrong, and to attack those who might think differently. We can imagine … Continue reading

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