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The Power of Compatible Ignorance (#poem)

After the first date, She asked if he knew of Gestalt. He said he only knew tiny bits But he felt his mind gave him The whole picture. He asked if she had read Hegel. She insisted that she had … Continue reading

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How Cancer Complicates Relationships (#fiction)

Should you ask your dying wife for a divorce? Continue reading

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Don’t Advertise Your Man (#fiction)

Be careful what you say about your husband. Someone might take the wrong kind of interest. Continue reading

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The Unintended Consequences of Complimentary Behavior (#poem #NaPoWriMo)

He made a clumsy compliment, And it was taken for an insult. Immediately, he tried to explain The misunderstanding, but He was told to “stop digging.” And so it was. He wasn’t in love, exactly, But he admired her Constantly … Continue reading

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The Unappreciated Chef (#poem)

You cook with abandon. This is your hobby, And you embrace it With unlimited joy. Sauce pans, skillets, steamers All filled and fouled with ecstasy. Never use the same spatula twice, Never scrape the remnants in the pan. Never try … Continue reading

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Ancestral Burden

They say we carry the dead with us, And most are surprised by the weight. We hoist them up on our shoulders, And imagine our strength is adequate. But invariably we fault and stumble. We stagger and trip and fall. … Continue reading

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Another Train Song (#poem, #villanelle)

Standing on the platform, waving goodbye to yesterday’s train. Perhaps you wanted to feel you had a little bit of control. You’re saying you hope that train never comes back again. A peripatetic pretense helps to ease the pain. It’s … Continue reading

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To Define a Thing (#poem)

He broke her spirit when he declared He didn’t even know what love is. She had only asked a simple question As she planned her own future. Whilst he resisted closing his options, He never noticed how open hers were. … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Valentine’s Day

Last year, I wrote a short essay on why I hate “Steak and BJ Day,” which is that it is built around sexist stereotypes and highlights relationships as transactions, consisting men giving gifts in exchange for red meat and sexual … Continue reading

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