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Poetry Review: Speaking parts by Linda Goulden

Review of Linda Goulden’s excellent poetry pamphlet, Speaking parts. Continue reading

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Adorable Elderly Man Plays Guitar (#poem)

Stop infantalizing old people. Continue reading

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Standard Disclaimer (#poem)

Even if it sounds like you, it really isn’t about you. Continue reading

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Superposition of Marital States of Bliss and Misfortune (#poem)

There’s always that stage Where you’re both in And you’re out, you know? You never thought you’d Be caught in the trap of “I owe it to the children.” You didn’t think you’d Ever cringe just because you heard the … Continue reading

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Upon the Threat of Thought Experiments (#poem)

A philosopher of mind, It doesn’t matter who, But it was Daniel Dennett, Made a point of describing Disembodied consciousness, Or dissociation, To prove that animals might React physically to pain Without being conscious of it. He illustrated this with … Continue reading

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The Avian Approach To Salvation (#poem)

Writers often wax poetic over birds Soaring, gliding, touching the sun, Portending trouble, and eating their weight daily. I’m more interested, though, In the birds that appear to suddenly fall From the sky without plan or purpose. On a few … Continue reading

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The Lustful Ignominy of Death (#prose #fiction)

An obnoxious funeral for a man of quiet dignity. Continue reading

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The Peace of Stoicism (#poem)

The Stoics all counsel the same. Contemplate life and accept Death without too much disruption. They counsel the same when You are overwrought, but Flood you with a tsunami of tears When their turn comes. Seneca condemned his own sobs; … Continue reading

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A New Riddle of Induction (#poem)

We have such unfounded confidence that The future will be like the past that We are constantly disappointed in the Present. The future betrays us daily. So I can’t be blamed for thinking you’d Be here still—as you always were. … Continue reading

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Oscillating Opinions of Ozymandias (#poem)

I can no longer imagine A lone traveller discovering A trunkless tribute to Ozymandias. A contemporary sojourner Would discover miles-long Queues leading to a monument Adorned with rubbish and graffiti. Our seeker, surrounded by the Selfish brandishing selfie-sticks And unrestrained … Continue reading

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