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Dangers of Anthropomorphism in Medicine (#poem)

Animals are nothing like humans, except that they are almost the same. Something like that. Continue reading

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Upon the Threat of Thought Experiments (#poem)

A philosopher of mind, It doesn’t matter who, But it was Daniel Dennett, Made a point of describing Disembodied consciousness, Or dissociation, To prove that animals might React physically to pain Without being conscious of it. He illustrated this with … Continue reading

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Sisyphus in a Pickup (#poem)

If this were a country song, I’d say I’m so far down I have to look up to See the bottom. I used to get more Kicks than a horse in a briar patch, but the old mare Ain’t what … Continue reading

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Climate Catastrophe: Pandemic and Pestilence (#poem)

Epidemiologists and public health ethicists have been grappling for some time with the near certainly of widespread disease pandemics resulting from climate change. Changes in non-human animal migration and human migration will bring extant pathogens to new populations as warming … Continue reading

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Learn to Take a Joke, Young Man

Lately I’ve been hearing people talking about how the young people need to learn to take a joke, because, one supposes, people back in the day were never offended by anything. Of course, people back in the day were offended … Continue reading

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Things People Know About Marxism (#poem #NaPoWriMo)

The prompt for Day 9 of NaPoWriMo is to write a list poem. I decided to write a list of things people know about Marxism. Most people seem to know That Marxism has something To do with seizing The means … Continue reading

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Philosophers Sought For Charming Public Philosophy Project — Daily Nous

In Parenthesis, an initiative directed by philosophers Claire Mac Cumhaill (Durham) and Rachael Wiseman (Liverpool), has teamed up with An Post, the Republic of Ireland’s postal service, to develop a new public philosophy project. Called Philosophy by Postcard, the project … Continue reading

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Ricky Gervais and the Wrong Way to Grieve

After Life, created by Ricky Gervais, seems to be a quest to show just what it would mean to grieve in the wrong way. While grief counselors and well-meaning supporters will often assure us there is “no right or wrong … Continue reading

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A New Riddle of Cosmology (#Poem)

An explosion beyond comprehension sent all The ingredients of the cosmos careening through the void. Light, matter, and energy diffused chaotically, Taking billions of years (as we now know them) To fall into some kind of order, to establish Some … Continue reading

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Christmas Advice for Nonbelievers (#poem)

You’re not a believer And Christmas isn’t for you But you can enjoy The festive season, too. Your whole season Doesn’t have to be wrecked Just focus on all the Commercial aspects. You don’t have to be spiritual To enjoy … Continue reading

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