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The Impact of Utilitarianism on Unsuspecting Feet (#poem #NaPoWriMo)

The prompt today was to use a homophone or homonym. I can’t take credit for the example, which was offered by a former student. After her purported reading Of Jeremy Bentham, She said he believed She should do whatever Made … Continue reading

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Can justice be utilitarian?

I have always been fond of Utilitarianism and, quite frankly, impressed by the arguments of all the major Utilitarian writers. Criticisms of Utilitarianism also make sense, but they don’t seem consistent with the views of major Utilitarians. I suppose I … Continue reading

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How happy should you be?

I’ve never considered myself a strict Utilitarian in the narrowest sense of the term, but I always believed that suffering is generally a bad thing and that relieving suffering when possible is morally laudable. I still believe this for the … Continue reading

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