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Upon the Threat of Thought Experiments (#poem)

A philosopher of mind, It doesn’t matter who, But it was Daniel Dennett, Made a point of describing Disembodied consciousness, Or dissociation, To prove that animals might React physically to pain Without being conscious of it. He illustrated this with … Continue reading

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A New Riddle of Induction (#poem)

We have such unfounded confidence that The future will be like the past that We are constantly disappointed in the Present. The future betrays us daily. So I can’t be blamed for thinking you’d Be here still—as you always were. … Continue reading

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On the Destructive Power of Measureable Learning Objectives (#poem #NaPoWriMo)

Day 8 of NaPoWriMo asks us to write poetry using the jargon of our professions (or someone else’s profession). As a philosophy instructor, my only learning objective was to destroy the smug and self-satisfied confidence my students had in their … Continue reading

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Pain in the Membrane (frivolous essay on the brain)

They say the pain is all in your head, but where else could it be? I mean, some people do complain of pain in their hands or elbows or knees or whatever, but really the experience of the pain is … Continue reading

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Doing Philosophy for Fun or Profit

I was recently invited to think about answering two questions: 1. What is philosophy? 2. How is philosophy done? Teaching first-year community college students for 17 years gave me ready answers, of course. Philosophy is a love of wisdom inspired … Continue reading

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Ethics of Grief: Profiting from the Pain of Others

Most of us are moved by the stories of others’ loss and bereavement. When we listen to a sad story and cry are we doing something moral, or are we indulging in grief porn? Continue reading

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All Research Is Biased – Might As Well Get Paid For It

Capitalist Epistemology: Is Money Truth? On November 28, 2014, the BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) posted an announcement that it would no longer publish papers from authors with financial ties to industry with the aim of eliminating harmful bias … Continue reading

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My Actual Dream About Peter Singer

The following is an actual dream (nightmare) I had. As far as I know, it doesn’t mean anything. I have no idea why Peter Singer was in it, but I only wish him good health and safe travels. I am … Continue reading

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What scientism means to me

I’ve been reading many posts on scientism lately. Some have been from well-known academics and some have been from less known equally astute members of my social-networking circle. Some seem to equate scientism with atheism, some equate it with a … Continue reading

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The Proper Way to Grieve for a Child: Cicero’s Example

In advising us on how to respond when we encounter someone who has lost a child or suffered an equally calamitous loss, the stoic philosopher, Epictetus said, “Don’t reduce yourself to his level, and certainly do not moan with him. … Continue reading

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